Saturday, December 16, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 16: Man Up

Two Lake Bell movies in a row! She just didn't write or direct this movie.

I discovered this movie on Netflix last year and IMMEDIATELY watched it because not only does it star Lake Bell, who we all know I love so much, it also stars Simon Pegg, who I love even more. My undying devotion to Simon Pegg will never die. I love Simon Pegg like normal humans love people they actually know. And now he's in a romantic comedy. Cha-ching!

Simon Pegg and Lake Bell a so great together in this movie. They're both hilarious and play off each other perfectly. Not as perfectly and he and I would, but close. (Just kidding. I've met him and I'm lucky I got more than just noises out while talking to him.)

Friday, December 15, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 15: In a World

Like Easy A, it's probably a stretch to call this one a romantic comedy too. But even though the romance part is secondary, it's wonderfully awkward what with the going in for a kiss and getting the nose and owning it and the peck and running away as you yell, "I like you too!" You know, the way real romance is.

Can I just say early on how much I love Lake Bell? So much is how much I love her. I want her to do everything all of the time. Voice work, acting, directing, writing... She's just great at everything. So watch this movie. Cause she did all of that for this movie and it's amazing.

I love the final scene. "Women should sound like women, not baby dolls who end everything in a question. Let's make a statement."

Now, there's a debate in feminism right now regarding the way some women speak. One side says things like up talk and vocal fry are natural ways to speak and people who speak like that should be taken seriously while the other says it's hard to take people who speak like that seriously so they should change the way they talk. Lake Bell falls firmly on the latter side and as with many things (okay, some things), I'm somewhere in the middle (talk how you want to talk, but read the room), which is why I love that scene. Teaching women who will be leaders to not talk like sexy babies seems like a good thing.

One thing I don't love is that scene with Gina Davis. I love, love, LOVE her speech on how voice over matters and how Carol's voice is going to be the one that inspires a generation of girls, but I don't love how she ends by telling Carol that she wasn't the best for the job. Inspiring and making a difference is part of that job, so I'd argue otherwise. I'm just so confused as to what Bell meant by that. Was it supposed to be a fist pump moment or a "that sucks, she shouldn't have gotten the job then" moment? If I ever meet Lake Bell that's going to be the first thing I ask her.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 14: Return to Me

Confession: I started watching this a month or so ago and apparently didn't finish it. I put the DVD in and it started up where I had left off and I didn't rewind it. This may affect the quality of this post. Not like that's a high bar to reach, though...

I love Bonnie Hunt. The story she came up with is fantastic and she directed a delightful movie. A second movie with Bonnie Hunt that takes place partly in Italy. She must really like the place. And no wonder, cause it's awesome. Although this movie makes me not want to go to Rome in the summer. David Duchovny is SO sweaty and there are so many tourists in the background.

Okay, I probably should have started this movie from the beginning. All the best parts have ended. Now they're just working through the mushy feelings part, which makes me a little uncomfortable. Something that I'm actually discussing with a friend right now via text, which makes me really uncomfortable.

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 13: Bridget Jones's Diary

This is still the superior Bridget Jones movie but they're both so good. Notice I didn't say all. They're not all so good. 

My favorite thing about this movie is continually noticing all of the things the Clean Flicks version left out. I've been watching the soul-degrading R raged version for years and I still get a kick out Bridget referring to Mr. Fitzherbert as Mr. Titspervert and telling the audience that she might turn into Glen Close in Fatal Attraction. Apparently the imagery of wild dogs eating her face is okay, but simply saying the name of a movie where the main character tries to murder people. 

Side note - I always thought Glen Close cut Michael Douglas's dick off. The only things I know about that movie are 1. she gets shot in the end and 2. per Sleepless in Seattle: "It scared the shit out of me, it scared the shit out of every man in America!" 12 year old me asked herself what was scary enough to do that to every single man? Had to be his penis. I only found out just now that's not what happens. I guess my assumption turned into an actual fact in my head until I decided to look the plot up on Wikipedia to make sure I was write before writing anything. I was not right. Turns out that movie is a lot more tame than I thought. 

The movie is over and I need to think of something to say to bring it back around. I love Darcy. Fitzwilliam, Mark, whatever. I love him. 

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 12: 10 Things I Hate About You

I miss Heath Ledger so, so much. The man was just getting started. And he was just so, so pretty. After watching all the classic romcoms and Norah Ephron movies and Channing Tatum movies maybe I should watch all the Heath Ledger movies. 

Remember back with I.Q. when I said maybe 3 or 4 movies featured men deceiving women? Seems to be more like every third movie. 

So far the funnest part of watching most of these movies is the memories that come with them. For this one, I remember asking someone (I want to say it was either my dad or my sister) why the gym teacher confiscated some kid's Cheetos in detention right after he confiscated another kid's pot. I didn't get the joke and whoever I asked responded by telling me that pot gives you the munchies. I still didn't get it. Pot give you the munchies, he confiscated pot, then confiscated Cheetos from someone else. Did he think that kid had pot? Was he punishing him? It was years before I realized that the gym teacher was George Michael: 

Just kidding. I was George Michael. That's why it never even occurred to me that the teacher would do drugs. 

This movie also reminds me of being 14. My sister and I were on a road trip and forgot to grab any music (back then you had to bring CDs [each one containing about 12 songs] in the car if you wanted to listen to anything other than the radio) and all she had was a single tape (a small, plastic rectangular device that had a film like roll inside which would play music) with maybe 8 songs on it. Three of those songs are featured in this movie. Two at the prom and one in the end credits. I still can't hear those songs without singing along, even in the middle of a movie. 

The worst thing about watching this movie is remembering yet again that I haven't read The Taming of the Shrew. Will I find it funny or horrifyingly sexist? 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 11: You've Got Mail

This is definitely my favorite Norah Ephron movie, and that's saying a lot. The woman was responsible for Mixed Nuts for crying out loud! And we're finally getting into the thick of movies that I own. I think from here on out I only don't own two of them, which is weird because I love those two movies. Like I love this one. F-O-X.

You want to know what else I love? This soundtrack. I liked listening to it when I was in high school and pretending I was in my late 30s and successful. What constitutes late 30s anyway? 36? 37? Cause I only have 6 or 7 years until that happens. Ugh, not even that long! I'm almost 31! Sigh... 

Back to the movie. What's with Rose from the grocery store? She melts when Joe Fox tells her a knock knock joke? Come on. 

Apart from that, you know what this movie is? It's downright charming. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are freaking adorable and two people have never been more pleasant on screen. (Of course, only one of those people has been allowed to continue to be adorable. Hollywood is not kind to women women over 40.) Part of Meg Ryan's charm is her wardrobe. This movie is probably the reason I love cardigans so much. 

Watching this (and thinking of Mixed Nuts) makes me miss Parker Posey. "Where are my tic tacs?!" is one of my favorite things to shout. 

Sigh... (happy sigh this time, not like the one when I started this post). Seriously, this movie is just so, so cute. I may have rated this one too low. The main problem I had when making the list was I hadn't seen some of the movies in years and had forgotten just how great they are! Though I still stand by my top four (which may or may not be coming in time for Christmas. I'm trying - I really am!). 

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 10: Easy A

I love this movie, but it shouldn't be on my romcoms list. It's not a romcom. It's a comedy where a girl talks to her crush a couple of times. But I still like it. Even though it's TOTALLY not believable. Forget for a moment that everyone in this movie is in their mid-20s. What high school is like this one? I mean, I went to Mormontown High and to the best of my knowledge, people didn't care when others had sex. Or maybe that was just me. In any case, I can't imagine students in a southern California high school in 2010 would care. I also want to know what gay kids stopped being bullied en masse. Does that still go on? Even in liberal places like southern California? Did it happen in my high school? I had gay friends but I don't remember them being bullied. Though, maybe that was just me again. Maybe I really was in a thick little Daria bubble.  

In any case, whoever wrote this movie thought high schoolers in 2010 really hated gay kids and girls who had sex and made a movie about it. Not a romantic comedy, a comedy with 45 seconds of romance. I would be tempted to hit the redo button on this one, but I'm already 3 days behind and the two weekends between now and Christmas are chock full of travel, so I will have zero time to make this up, let alone the three I'm behind on plus the 6 I'll get behind on over the weekends. Good thing I'm only working half a day tomorrow! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 9: Overboard

It's been a crazy long time since I've seen this movie, but it was a lot of fun to rewatch. Yeah, it's CRAZY problematic (which is putting it lightly), but still. Goldie Hawn is hilarious and Kurt Russell is dreamy. Just teach your kids to not trick people into being their spouses when they have amnesia so you can get back at them for a job they didn't pay you for. 

I should have been writing this as I watched it, but I was too busy watching results from Alabama's senate election come in. Thanks for not electing a pedophile, Alabama!

The weirdest things for me were the fact that Dean starts to fall in love with Joanna after he sees how clean and organized his house is thanks to her and Joanna responds to blatant misogyny by spraying everyone with a hose rather than kicking someone in the balls and leaving forever. I'm sure he'll treat her better now that he loves her, cause you definitely don't need to be nice to women you don't care about.

But really, this movie still gave us some fantastic moments.

"I just -- ate a bug!"

I really do love her. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 8: Sleepless in Seattle

Before get started, remember in the early days of DVDs when they gave you the option of watching the movie in widescreen or full screen? This is a relic from that era and I love it.

Number 18 on my list is Sleepless in Seattle, but it should be a bit higher. I'm 35 minutes into it as I write this sentence and I forgot how much I like this movie. Jonah is adorable. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan always have phenomenal chemistry. Rob Reiner is hilarious.

"First you have to be friends - you have to like each other. Then you neck. This could go on for years. Then you have tests and then you get to do it with a condom. The good news is you split the check."

"Hello Diane, take a look at these swatches!"

I'm also very partial to Rob Reiner because he looks like a heavier version of my dad when my dad has a beard. He hasn't had a beard for years, so watching Rob Reiner is very comforting.

Side note, I really didn't appreciate Nora Ephron while she was alive. She did some amazing movies. Maybe I'll add a Nora Ephron fest to the list of movies I'm going to watch.

Every time I watch this movie I have a memory from when I was a kid and watching this with my mom. There's a scene where Meg Ryan and Bill Pullman are getting ready for bed and I asked my mom if it was okay to live with someone when you're engaged. She said no and I asked why. I have no idea what she said next, but whatever it was, it didn't satisfy me. I remember thinking, "but you're getting married anyway. What's the big deal?" I probably said that out loud, too.

Thus began my heathenism. But it turned out fine because I can buy ice cream on Sundays for family dinner when they forget to buy it on Saturday.

Watching this as a 30 year old is pretty different than it ever was. Specifically with Jonah going to NYC on his own. Every other time it's been just kind of cute and funny and it's only sad towards the end when he's at the top of the Empire State Building by himself. But not now. I don't have kids, but I have several nieces and nephews right around Jonah's age and holy crap it made me sick to my stomach watching him on the plane and walk through the airport and into the building all by himself. I actually cried a little bit when Sam came and got him. I don't think that's ever happened.

Unlike The Wedding Singer, The music in this movie is perfect. I'm not sure if I've ever noticed it, but as Annie is going to the top of the Empire State Building and when Sam and Jonah come back up and find her, the theme song from An Affair to Remember is playing. Every moment that hails back to that movie is amazing. Especially Rita Wilson describing the plot through tears.

Rita Wilson: hilariously spoiling An Affair to Remember since 1993.

Man, I really should have rated this movie higher.

Friday, December 8, 2017

25 Days of Romcoms pt. 7: Love Actually

It always kind of bugged me that this movie is Love Actually and not Love, Actually

I've had to rent most of the movies I've watched so far. I own a lot of them, but they're higher up on the list. This movie was on Netflix for a long time but it recently left. I was glad I owned this one because I was tired of renting movies from iTunes. But then I opened the case and this happened: 

See, once upon a time, I didn't watch rated R movies. Way back in high school there was a video rental store close to my house that rented edited movies. Rumor was the guy that did the editing ended up addicted to porn because of all the R rated movies. I'm sure that's a thing that happened. Anyway, I can't remember if I bought it or it was a gift or what, but I have it and from what I remember, I never want to watch the edited version again. Turns out other people do, though. After posting this picture in an online community I'm a part of, I've received two requests for copy. Who has a DVD burner I can borrow? 

Changing the subject, where did the "at Christmas you tell the truth" thing come from? It comes up in two different stories and I just don't get it. Is there a thing with Christmas and open communication that I didn't catch onto growing up? Should I be more closed off during the rest of the year? 

Two movies in a row with both Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. 2003 Colin Firth could get it, but Emma Thompson hasn't aged a day. 

Also, Alan Rickman (RIP) can eat my shorts. Emma Thompson is too good for this world and she's too good for you!