Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I definitely have a type...

I do have a type.

1. Skinny, even lanky

2. British. I've never actually met a skinny Brit, but based purely on the BBC, I'd love them.

3. Nerdy. Not Star Wars Kid nerdy (although a love of Star Wars is kind of a must), but more like the whole geek chic thing. People like Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, and Xander from Buffy. Wow, I am really intrenched in the Whedonverse.

Skinny, British, and nerdy are my trifecta. Not all of those attributes have to be filled (generally I'm good as long as you've got the nerd thing down), but I'm kind of helpless when they are combined. Add those to the scifi/fantasy genres and I don't stand a chance.

Here are my trifecta of fictional men right now that encompass my trifecta of attributes:

1. The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The tenth to be precise. I know a lot of people like Matt Smith, but David Tennant will always be my Doctor. Best part about this, not only does The Doctor encompass the trifecta, David Tennant himself does as well. I know Scotland isn't really Britain, but it's all the same general area and any accent from across the pond is awesome.

2. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Oh, Spike. My first real fictional obsession. He may not seem like a nerd, what with his fake platinum hair, leather coat, and fangs, but it's there. For sure when it comes to watching Passions, and before he was sired (just go with it), William was a total nerd. Also, I like to think that Andrew got him into Doctor Who during season 7. James Marsters, who plays Spike, is in no way British, and I have no idea if he's really a nerd. I might know if I celebrity stalked him a little more, but I'm just not interested in James if he's not being Spike.

3. Merlin (Merlin)

Merlin is the newest show (and fictional character) I've fallen in love with. The BBC produces some quality television. Anyway, Merlin epitomizes the medieval nerd. He's also super thin and the fact that he's British goes without saying. Colin Morgan is Irish which I'm still more than fine with. Since I'm very new to this world of magic and dragons and Arthur (at least the BBC's interpretation of it), I know very little about Colin Morgan. But come on. He plays Merlin for a living. He's got to have at least a bit of nerd in him. Best part about this, he's only a year older than me in real life whereas David Tennant is 42 this month and James Marsters turns 50 later this year.