Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Beginning of the End of College

So I'm up here in Logan for my last semester of classes. I won't lie - I'm scared to death. In January I'll be heading over to DC (that's the plan anyway) and hopefully that will give me a better idea of where I'm going after graduation in May. I visited the Career Center the other day and they were no help. The guy basically told me everything I already knew. So yeah, just freaking out right now, but we're going to put that aside for a few minutes.
Logan so far is great as usual. I'm only taking 12 credits again this semester. My senior research seminar class which has super intense reading but it's going to be great, a sociology class that I don't need but is very relevant to my studies called Developing Societies which again, has intense reading but will be awesome, Family Finance which has a little reading and some busy work, but I'm excited - it seems super interesting, and American Cultures in Film. This last class is a total slack off class. We watch movies outside of class then talk about them for an hour and a half each week. We also have to go eat at 4 ethnic restaurants. The best part about it is even though 6 out of the 9 movies we'll be watching are rated R, I can put them on my Netflix queue and watch them on my DVD player and edit whatever I want to edit. I go in spurts of watching R movies and right now I'm trying to ease up. Even when I do watch R movies though I filter what movies I see but this class apparently has several very R movies so I'm glad we're not watching them in class.
I'm living with my roommate from last year Andrea and her sister Sofi and it's great so far. We're living in a little house in the same complex I was in last year. Apparently the house is 120 years old. Meaning it's pretty ghetto but it's an endearing ghetto if that makes sense. It reminds me of my grandma's house in Brigham City. We're still trying to get everything unpacked and decorated. Andrea is an interior design major so she's trying to figure out how to incorporate all the posters we have. It'll look sweet once we're done.
Social life so far is good. Our apartment is the gathering place in the neighborhood after dark. Seriously, it seems like people are always over. It's good though - this is forcing me to be social and try to beak out of more of my egg. For 3 years now I've been steadily progressing so hopefully that trend will continue :) It's also great cause the friends I had before are for the most part here again. A couple of them graduated and/or moved away but it's all good. Plus one of my best friends came home from his mission about 3 weeks ago and he's back up here so that's been fun. Yeah... it seems like this is going to be a good semester.