Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's Just Take a Moment...

TO APPRECIATE THE PERFECTION that is the casting decisions for the new A Wrinkle in Time adaptation.

Before we get to the cast, Ava DuVernay is directing.

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Of Selma and Scandal fame, among others. If you don't know who she is, look her up and read some interviews. This woman is as classy as she is fierce.

Mrs. Whatsit will be played by Reese Witherspoon.

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Now, when they first announced this, my initial thought was that she is WAY too young. And yeah, it would have been awesome to see really old actresses playing really old characters. I imagine CGI will be involved. But just wait...

Mrs. Who will be played by Mindy Kaling.

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Mindy Kaling, guys. MINDY KALING!!! I've seen her play exactly two characters and both have a lot of similarities, so I am very much looking forward to seeing her play the eccentric Mrs. Who. Mindy is hilarious and I can't wait to see her act in a role that is so far from what she's done so far.

Mrs. Which will be played by Oprah Winfrey

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Oh, just Oprah. Who everyone loves even if you don't. Like Beyonce.

Anyway, are you spotting a pattern yet?

If not, I'm sure you will in a moment...

Meg Murray will be played by Storm Reid.

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She was in 12 Years a Slave, which I have only seen once and don't intent to watch again because it is just that amazing and difficult to watch. I can't speak to her skill, but if she's good enough to land a role in that film, she's going to be amazing.

Mrs. Murray (mother slash brilliant scientist) will be played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

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Of Belle and Concussion. Mostly Belle because she was absolutely amazing in that film.

So yeah, brilliant cast, but look at how many white people there are so far: one. ONE! How often does that happen?? THIS IS WHAT WE WANT, HOLLYWOOD!!!

A Wrinkle in Time is a phenomenal story and could prove to be a very lucrative franchise for Disney. Want to know what makes a movie even more money than just being a good franchise? Diversity. Don't take my word for it, though. (What, you think I'm gonna link you to something? Do your own damn research!)

It's a story about an incredible family, all of whom are ridiculously smart. Want to know how many black scientists in movies I can think of off the top of my head? Zero. I've got one from TV, but that's it.

THIS is what the world looks like. And THIS is what I want. THIS is what we need.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Ode to Beards

My boyfriend and I are going to Switzerland for a week and a half. I know, I know, it's all very exciting, but I was surprised by the following text from said boyfriend today: "Should I grow out my beard the whole time we are in Switzerland?" I responded with a moderately enthusiastic response intended to hide my true feelings, which were roughly this:

Because, come on. Beards are way dang freaking sexy. But you don't have to take my word for it...

Ewan McGreggor

I mean, he's kind of amazing in any iteration, but bearded and black and white? Come on!

Tom Hardy

There are just too damn many sexy pictures of a bearded Tom Hardy.

Jon Hamm

This is one of the many reasons why you pick Jon Hamm over Don Draper.

Simon Pegg

Those who know me know I'd take Simon Pegg in any form, but sexy bearded Simon Pegg is my favorite Simon Pegg.

Patrick Stewart

What makes the most distinguished man alive even more so? Facial hair.

Idris Elba

It's probably not fair that he was blessed with so many sexy attributes apart from sexy beards, but I'm not complaining.

Joe Manganiello

Ugh, the guy is stupid hot. This isn't even the best picture I found, but I thought it might be irresponsible of me to post it here.

The Chrises 

I may be getting tired of Marvel movies, but they sure do know how to cast bearded eye candy.

Hugh Jackman

I'd even take the Wolverine sideburns if I had to.

Nick Offerman

Mustache, beard, scruff, this guy can do it all.

Adam Scott

That squirrel gets it.

Michael B. Jordan

Double whammy with the rolled up sleeves.

Charlie Cox

He doesn't even need the washboard abs.

Justin Timberlake

That beard almost make it so his all-jean outfit never even happened.

Donald Glover

Magic Mike XXL really dropped the ball when they shaved his face for that movie.

Joel McHale

Want to know what the most attractive man I've ever seen in real life had? A beard.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Correct Ranking of the Men of Jane Austen

One of my favorite internet writers wrote a piece for one of my favorite websites ranking some of my favorite men in some of my favorite movies. 

However, she got it wrong, and I'm annoyed (and bored) enough to correct it.

Here is the undeniably correct ranking of the leading men of Jane Austen movies. Please note the lack of Matthew Macfadyen.

10. Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars, Sense and Sensibility (2008)

I think "adorable" is the right word here. A far cry from "smoldering," but cute enough to include.

9. Johnny Lee Miller as Edmund Bertram, Mansfield Park (1995)

He's dumb, but at least he's pretty.

8. Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Yes, his relationship with Marianne will always be just a little bit off putting, but I never want him to stop talking. 

7. Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice (1940)

Sure, this version for some reason took place about 80 years later and it ended abruptly after we find out that (twist!) Lady Catherine started the whole Darcy/Elizabeth ship, but hoo boy! Laurence Olivier could get it! 

6. Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer, Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Everything about this character is perfect. So much so that I'm just going to leave this video here for you...

5. Johnny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley, Emma (2009)

This guy just keeps getting better with age. 

4. Paul Rudd as Josh/Mr. Knightley, Clueless (1995)

Paul Rudd is always (ALWAYS) the best thing about whatever he's in. 

3. Jeremy Northam as Mr. Nightley, Emma (1996)

The man can rock a cravat and is well worth suffering through two hours of Goop. Also, I think I have a thing for Mr. Knightley in general.

2. Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth, Persuasion (1995)


I sometimes go back and forth between Darcy and Wentworth, but sentimentality gets the better of me in this case (which is surprising to anyone who knows me well enough to know I am not a sentimental person). Still, it's a very close call.

1. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Look at that smile. Look at that smile and tell me that Colin Firth is not the embodiment of Mr. Darcy. The guy has played that same character not once, but FOUR TIMES for a reason!

Matthew Macfadyen... Come on, Rebecca!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Golden Age of Television

If you're at all into pop culture, you know that everyone says we live in a golden age of television, and by golly, they're right. I live alone, I'm not outdoorsy, and for some reason I don't read books anymore. Taken together, that's just a fancy way of saying that I watch a lot of TV and even I don't have time to keep up on everything I want to.

In an effort to organize my brain and also kill time at work, here's a list of all the shows I'm watching right now.

Rules for this list:
1. It can be in hiatus, but it must be an ongoing series. It can't be over.
2. I must be caught up with every single episode as of today, June 29th.
3. These are dumb rules and I shouldn't have listed them out.

Basically, these are all shows that are either running or have run in the last year, aren't canceled, and that I'm caught up on. So, in order of how quickly I remembered them:

1. The Mindy Project

I want to be her.

2. The Flash


Definitely more than eye candy, but that's a good reason to watch it too.

3. Vikings

One of the few straight up drama/action shows on this list, but I love it SO freaking much.

4. Archer

Sometimes I dream in H. Jon Benjamin's voice.

5. Broad City

I definitely don't want to be their friend, but watching them from afar is amazing.

6. Inside Amy Schumer

Like Amy Poehler only more drunk and young enough to be my friend.

7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I can't say he's better than Jon Stewart, but he might be better than Jon Stewart.

8. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

So far it's the show that should have replaced The Daily Show. 

9. Supergirl

DC television is doing WAY better than DC movies right now.

10. Adam Ruins Everything

I want his job.

11. Casual

Big fan of the dark comedy.

12. You're the Worst

I want to punch all of these characters all of the time and I love it.

13. Indian Summers

Like Downton Abbey for those who got sick of the gaspy drama and all the white people.

14. Mercy Street

It's not my favorite PBS drama, but it's not my least favorite either.

15. Jessica Jones

The best comic book TV/movie franchise to date.

16. Transparent

This is probably one I wouldn't mind stopping to make room for others.

17. Master of None

More Aziz Ansari, please!

18. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


19. UnReal


20. Veep

One of the funniest shows on TV right now and no one is talking about it.

21. Silicon Valley

A hilarious sausage fest.

22. Jane the Virgin

Of all the shows on this list, this one might be the most perfect.

23. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

Rachel Bloom is my newest crush.

24. New Girl

Not matter how far it falls, I just can't say no!

25. Bob's Burgers

There is not a single moment in this show that I don't love.

26. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Look at that cast - LOOK AT IT!

27. Mr. Robot

This show is Fight Club level good.

28. Project Runway

Yes, I've been watching this show for 14 years.

29. iZombie

It's basically Veronica Mars with zombies, so you know it's good.

30. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

The type of show I should hate, but I just can't help loving.

That was WAY more than I expected. No wonder I don't read anymore.

Plus I'm behind on Orphan Black, Outlander, Fargo, Better Call Saul, Rick and Morty, Orange is the New Black, and Daredevil.

I won't even list things I need to start.