Monday, May 28, 2012

My Time is My Own

Over the past two years I've kept a mental list of things I need to do once I'm finished with school. Well, I'm finished with school. I scampered off to Europe for three weeks and now I'm done with that.

My time is my own.

Technically I still have a job, but that job will be ending probably in July and if I don't find something permanent by then, I will have much more time on my hands. Plenty of time to do everything I want, right?

There's too much I want to do. Here's that mental list I've been keeping track of.

Things I need to watch and/or rewatch:
Whedonfest 2012 shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly [on that one now actually], Dollhouse)
Breaking Bad
Doctor Who (classic)
Doctor Who (new)
Hamlet (with David Tennant)
Lots of things in the theaters
Everything on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel

Things I need to read and/or reread:
The Hobbit (sometime before the first movie comes out this December)
Lord of the Rings (I used to read this every year - it's been too long)
Lots of Neil Gaiman books (I've read The Graveyard Book, I'm reading American Gods, I have many more to get through)
Everything on my bookshelves that I haven't read (about a third of all the books I own)
A Song of Ice and Fire series (I didn't want to read all these until J.R.R. Martin was finished writing the last two, but they're just so good!)
Buffy comics (first I need to buy them - I only have season 8 volumes 1 and 2)
Firefly comics (the few that are written so far - the fact that this show was cancelled breaks my heart every time I watch it so I'm anxiously awaiting Joss to finish his vision)
The Guild comics
Dollhouse comics

Other things I want to do:
Start playing the clarinet again (and saxophone, flute, and piano)
Finally make brooches out of the jewelry I bought a crazy long time ago
Look for jobs all the time
Look for apartments after I find a real job
Start taking photos again
Start collecting items for Tenth Doctor cosplay

So much to do. Real life kind of blows.