Friday, February 21, 2014

The Most Anticipated Film of 2014

There are plenty of movies I am truly excited for this year. Winter Soldier, GodzillaGuardians of the GalaxyMockingjay... 

But nothing, not even watching badass ladies kicking butt on the big screen in at least three of those films, is getting me more excited than this:

Sorry for the quality of this video, but it really is the best promo/introduction to the show I could find. It's the Comic-Con promo for season 2 and just sums up the show so perfectly.

That's right, folks. Kristen Bell et al. are at it again.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the show and it just goes to show you how freaking awesome Veronica Mars is. Both the character and the show. 

So let me brief you on this little gem in case you haven't had the good fortune to come across one of my all time favorite TV shows. Veronica Mars is the story of the teenage girl I wanted to be. She's sarcastic, witty, harsh, lovable, and all sorts of crazy smart. High school student by day, private investigator by night. She solves all sorts of mysteries from dog napping to murders and it's freaking amazing. 

Veronica Mars was tragically cancelled before its time. Season three ended with her freshman year of college and season four was supposed to pick up with her several years later fresh out of Quantico. You can watch what they made here: 

and here: 

Sigh... what could have been. An FBI show with Veronica Mars? Who would say no to that?! (I'm looking at you, WB/CW/whatever it was in 2007)

Anyway, for years the stars and creators of the show wanted to do a movie and for years Warner Brother's turned them down. Finally, an agreement was reached. From what I understand, creator Rob Thomas took the idea to do a Kickstarter campaign to Warner Brother's because they wouldn't give him the money to make a movie. They told him if he raised the money, they would promote the film. The goal was $2 million and they raised that within the first day (aided by yours truly). Total came to about $5.7 million.

They filmed, they gave out t-shirts, then there was the first footage at Comic-Con. Being in geek Mecca was exciting enough, but to be there in Hall H with the rest of the cast... it was pure magic. 


And then they came out with an actual trailer. 

And then they listed where the movie would be shown. Only a select few AMC theaters were chosen, and the one AMC theater in Utah was on the list. Then there was a big mix up and the AMC theater wasn't showing the movie and a bunch of angry Utah fans (including yours truly) borderline trolled AMC's twitter and later that day I purchased my ticket. Don't underestimate the power of angry fans on twitter.

I am currently re-watching the series and I have about as many episodes left to watch as I have days left to watch them. If you haven't watched it yet, it's streaming on Amazon Prime or you can borrow the DVDs from me. I still don't have the third season because it wasn't my favorite, but I'll have to buy it now with a movie continuing the story so I'll have it for you shortly.

The anticipation is mounting. Will Veronica get back into the PI business? Will she dump the lovable and steady Piz for the passionate and unstable Logan? Will she realize that solving crimes is what she was meant to do and pursue a spot at Quantico and make my season four dreams come true?

Only three more weeks until I find out.

P.S. I never could get enough of Dick.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Movies to Watch for VD

I'm laughing like an idiot right now, by the way. That title is freaking hilarious.

Still laughing. One second...

Okay, I'm good.

So last year I saw a post on one of my favorite websites (The Mary Sue) that went through romanceless movies to watch on Valentine's Day. I thought, "what a fun idea!" I started writing my own post, then got bored because I realized how little I care about Valentine's Day. Yes, being in a relationship has recently made me a little more cheesy than I generally am, but I still don't care about the holiday. Don't hate it, don't love it, I just don't care.

But I wanted to write something this year for several reasons. First, it gave me a reason to make a venereal disease joke and those are almost always funny (unless you have VD, in which case I'm sorry for my poor taste and insensitivity). Second, I'm kind of celebrating the holiday this year (not with my long distance boyfriend, mind you) by ironically enjoying a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's, unironically enjoying homemade heart shaped sugar cookies (because those are good in any shape), and watching a movie with my sister and brother in law, so I guess I'm in some kind of holiday spirit. And Third, I felt like it.

So here's my list of things to watch on Valentine's Day. All with some sort of love theme, cause why not? I limited it to TV shows and films that I own. I also took my own pictures because I just got an iPad and wanted an excuse to use it. Don't judge the quality of the pictures, because who takes actual photos with their iPad, and don't judge the carpet. I rent, it's surprisingly affordable, and I live by myself. I'm not going to begrudge an ugly carpet.


Because it's one of my favorite Jane Austen films. 


Because Jaye learns a number of lessons - at least two of them have to do with love.

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Because love isn't always pure, nor does it end with everyone still alive.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Because duh, Judi Dench!

Pushing Daisies

Because no one tells a good love story like Bryan Fuller and Jim Dale. 

Band of Brothers

Because what stronger bond is there than that formed in battle?

Midnight in Paris

Because even though I have pretty much no respect for Woody Allen as a person, I still like this movie.


Because it's pretty much the best love story ever.


Because the only bond stronger than a man and his dog is a man and his pig.

An Ideal Husband

Because Cate Blanchett is my lady crush. 

Parks and Recreation

Because Leslie Knope invented Galentine's Day.

Pacific Rim

Because not every love story is a romantic love story.


Because I don't care what Rotten Tomatoes says - this movie is hilarious and everyone should watch it.

French Kiss

Because no one can rock a mustache and still be hot like Kevin Kline. 


Because it's one of the funniest movies ever made.

Anything written by Shakespeare (yes, even Henry V)

Because he pretty much invented love.

The Elizabeth Gaskell Collection (Wives and Daughters, Cranford, and North and South)

Because Pride and Prejudice has nothing on these three (except when Darcy gets wet).


Because a love story between an inanimate object and its crew is a beautiful thing.

Jurassic Park

Because too much love for something (especially dinosaurs) can sometimes end badly.

The Cornetto Tilogy

Because it tells the tale of the three greatest bromances of all time.

Silver Linings Playbook

Because it normalizes mental illness and duh, Jennifer Lawrence.

Roman Holiday

Because love is sometimes short-lived.

While You Were Sleeping

Because these mashed potatoes are so creamy.

Best in Show

Because people really love their dogs. 


Because it really will change your life.


Because even though David Bowie has power over me, he has no power over Sarah.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Because we love watch rich people get conned out of their money.

Moonrise Kingdom

Because it's the best love story Wes Anderson has ever told. 

The Philadelphia Story

Because duh, Katherine Hepburn!

Sense and Sensibility

Because this isn't about anything but love.


Because I'm pretty sure this is the only remake I like better than the original.

About a Boy

Because Will really does have a heart and duh, Toni Colette!

Pillow Talk

Because anything with Doris Day and Rock Hudson is a good idea.

Pride and Prejudice

Because Elizabeth is pretty much the coolest Jane Austen character ever.

Anything with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

Because you like to think that it's a trilogy and they both suffer from chronic amnesia but they always find their way back to each other. 

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Because it's probably the greatest musical ever. 

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Because you'll sit up 30 minutes into the movie and go, WTF?!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Because you don't need an excuse to ever watch this show.

Benny and Joon

Because I used to like Johnny Depp.

Seven Psychopaths

Because at the end of the day, it's just a love story about a man and his dog. 

The Red Curtain Trilogy

Because nothing Baz Luhrmann has done since has even come close to touching these three. 


Because it is the quintessential love story.