Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prank wars pt. III, West Virginia pt. III, Mount Vernon/Easter, and Baseball (take two)

Alright, I'll finally finish up (and correct) the post I tried to make but my friend got to first.

I did get Ben back. I bought 14 bags of Easter grass (not enough) and spread it all over his closet and stuffed it in his clothes. It didn't even compare to how he got me, but it worked. It kind of looked like someone threw up in his closet. And I say closet because he doesn't have a bedroom. He sleeps on the couch. My goal is to have him find grass in places he forgot to check in a few weeks or even months from now. If that happens, I will consider it a success.

I went to West Virginia for the third time last weekend. This time I rented the car and it was so amazing to drive. It made me really want to buy a car as soon as I can. Not a crappy one either. Not brand new, but you know. A nice and newish one. Anyway, this was a great trip. Ben, Aaron, Krista, and Angela came along. We won some, we lost some, we ate a lot, and we had a blast (as always). They had the crepes again and after just one plate of real food I just loaded up on the crepes. Oh so good. The guy has the actual crepes pre made and you just decide what kind you want. He puts a ton of butter in a frying pan along with brown sugar then pours in the berries. He has a big bowl of oranges cut in half and squeezes a little orange juice into the pan for a bit of extra flavor then tops it all off with some sort of Brandy (I think...maybe it's port. I don't know my alcohols). Then he throws in the crepe and lets it soak in the juices for a bit before taking it out, placing it on the plate, and pouring the contents of the frying pan on top. As soon as I get home I'm going to cook crepes like that. Minus the alcohol. It added a bit of flavor, but not enough to buy something expensive like that.

The next day was Easter Sunday and we still had the rental car so we drove ourselves to church. A few of us were naughty and left after Sacrament meeting to go to Mount Vernon. But in our defense we aren't here very much longer and you can't get to Mount Vernon from the metro. You have to have a car so we took the opportunity to have a nice relaxing Sunday activity. It was absolutely beautiful. Pretty chilly, but amazing. We waited in line forever to get into the mansion and while we were waiting one of the guys dressed in colonial garb came over and started talking to us (Christian, Angela, Kari, Krista, and me). He was absolutely hilarious. He talked to us pretty much the whole time and we were laughing our heads off. It made the line go by a lot faster I think. The mansion itself was really cool. The only other time I've been there it was being renovated so there wasn't any furniture in it. This time it for sure had furniture. Washinton's chair, and even the bed he died it. Amazing! The grounds were the best part. First stop we made was to the baby lambs. They were SO CUTE!!! It made me decide that I'm for sure getting a pigmy goat when I get my own house. Even better than a sheep (cause it's a goat) and better than a normal goat cause it stays little. Anyway, after the lambs we just spend a couple hours wandering around and looking at the amazingness that is Mount Vernon. It made me sad that I didn't make it out to Montecello this trip. Next time.

The next day (Monday) was the opening game for the Nationals. I was convinced to go on Monday morning - very last minute. I met Ben down there cause he had my ticket and we went to find everyone else (Mike, Crystal, Aaron, and Angela) since Crystal had my clothes. We told the ticket lady we were just grabbing something and would be right back and had every intention of doing just that. But when we got up to where they were sitting there were two seats just right there so we stayed. No one came to kick out out so obviously those seats weren't filled. Plus they were better than our seats anyway. It was way more fun since we all got to sit together. It was a good game. The Nats came SO close to winning. It was intense at the end. It was the first baseball game I had been to and it was a lot more fun than I was expecting. Granted, I got bored in the middle there for a bit, but it was cool. I don't know if a not major league game would be quite as fun, but I'd go to one of those again.

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