Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools'

So let me tell you about the little prank war that is currently going on. On Friday night I was alone in my friends' apartment watching TV and I said to myself, "what am I doing? No one is home! They're expecting me to prank them for April Fools' but they won't be expecting it on the 27th of March!" So I got to work. I put salt on their toothbrushes (they didn't taste that one though. Apparently I didn't use enough), moved their dishes to the cupboard over, moved some of the food to the dish cupboard, switched all of their clothes to different closets, hid random things, and put their underwear in plastic bags and into the freezer. Of course, they figured out it was me and so far only Ben has got me back.

On Monday morning I had a migraine so I stayed home from work. That afternoon as I was reading I got a phone call asking me about the free kittens I had. I told them they had the wrong number. A couple minutes later I got another call asking about kittens. Again, I said you had the wrong number. This girl actually said my name though so I figured someone had posted an ad in my name. I called my sister and asked her to check Craigslist for free kittens from me, but she couldn't find me. A few more people called and I finally answered one and told them I didn't have any kittens and I asked where she saw the ad. She said KSL so I called my sister again and asked her to check Sure enough, there was an ad from me with my phone number saying I had 4 free kittens to give away before the kids get too attached. I couldn't take it off so I changed my answering machine to mention that if you're calling about the kittens, they're already gone. I got about 30 calls and a few texts that day. It was insane.

For a while I didn't know who it was. I had it narrowed down to three (Jed, Bryan, and Ben) simply because none of them denied it was them while Aaron and Mike both swore it wasn't them. So today I wanted to see who it was for sure so I decided to be unoriginal just to find out who it was. I placed an ad for cheap guns from Jed, free office furniture from Bryan, and cheap skis and snowboards from Ben. Based on their reactions, I determined it was Ben. I should have realized that from the beginning (and he was my top suspect) but I didn't want to guess wrong. After I found out who it was I deleted all the ads from the internet but kept Ben's on a bit longer so he went through the same thing I did. Also I posted an awesomely photoshoped picture of him on facebook. Please go to my profile and check it out. Anyway, around 4:20 today I got this call and of course, being at work, I didn't answer it. The caller left a message and it was a very stern sounding guy with a bit of a southern/Texan accent (maybe it was a rural Utah accent, who knows) that said the following:

"Hey Jenna. I understand, I guess you played an April Fool's joke on a man named Ben - just want you to know that I don't appreciate that. It affects a lot more people than just him. I just got cleared off of work to head up to Logan to purchase these fire arms so I don't think it's very funny. I do appreciate a good joke, but this affects a lot more people than just him so you ought to think about that next time you do one."

There are two possibilites to explain this situation. Either this is real and he called Ben and Ben gave him my phone number or it's an elaborate come back from Ben. He knows of a website where you can make calls and it'll show up as any phone number you want no matter what phone you're calling from. He could have gotten a friend or co-worker to make the call and used a 435 number as the display number. The trouble with that is, when I googled the phone number that called me, it was a real guy in Tooele who does all sorts of stuff with fire arms and the Republican party. So for a minute I thouhgt it was real. Then I told Ben about it and he is claiming that he knows nothing. If he knows nothing, that means he couldn't have given a stranger my phone number and it was a prank cause there is no other way that guy could have gotten ahold of my phone number. So either Ben found a legit looking phone number to use and played a pretty elaborate prank on me, or he's just not telling me that he gave my number to a very pissed off potential customer just to mess with me. I won't find out for sure either way cause Ben won't ever break. He literally is the king of pranks. I don't know what I've gotten myself into. I'll keep you posted though if there are any new developments.

Also, if you have ideas for me to get him back, please let me know. He doesn't have a bedroom (he keeps his stuff in a closet and sleeps on the couch) or a car here. He shares food with the rest of the apartment and doesn't have that much stuff here anyway so I'm getting hard pressed to come up with some good pranks.

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