Monday, April 13, 2009

Prank wars pt. III, West Virginia pt. III, Mount Vernon/Easter, and Baseball

So I finally got Ben back. The next step is to make him my boyfriend. I haven't put my pictures on the computer yet, but I'll post a couple when I do. I got 14 bags of Easter grass (should have gotten more) and put it all over his closet since he doesn't have a bedroom. I stuffed my bra with the grass too. I washed his clean clothes as well as his dirty ones and just dumped all the rest around. My goal is to have him out back in the barn, and find some grass in some random place in his clothes in a couple weeks or months to save as a souvenir. It isn't fantastically great like the tin foil, but it's the best I could do without being able to attack a bedroom, a neck, a third world country, or a car. I did it at night so when he woke up in the morning for work it was like that. Although Ben had a rough night with me making sexual advances, I guess the night before was worse when he found his closet like that. I felt bad and he cleaned it up before I could help him out with his leprosy. That's why I shouldn't get too involved in prank wars. I touched Ben Solari's butt yesterday. It was firm and delicious. I want to do it again. I feel too bad when I prank people, but I feel even worse when I fling hot dogs at pigeons in the park.

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