Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prank Wars Part II (April Fools' was Part I)

So when I got home, I found my room looking like this. Quite literally everything (except a small pile of clothes that was at the foot of my bed and moved to the closet by the culprit) was wrapped in tin foil. I'm not going to lie - it was amazing. Floor to ceiling - everything in my third of the bedroom was silver. Even shoes I had left under my bed and earrings I had on my dresser were nicely wrapped in tin foil. I went downstairs to confront Ben and ask how he did it but he insisted it wasn't him. He did, however, tell met that the guy who called yesterday did in fact call him, and Ben told him it was an April Fools' joke. Upon hearing this the guy started laughing and said how good of a joke that was. Ben asked if he'd do him a favor and help get me back so Ben gave him my phone number and the guy called me and left an angry voice mail. Amazing :). So anyway, I spent half the night trying to figure out who doused my bedroom in tin foil and I should have just stuck with my original instinct because it was indeed Ben. Don't worry, I'm already plotting my revenge. It's hard cause he sleeps on the couch and doesn't have a bedroom, but I've still got a couple of ideas...


  1. That is awesome Jenna - awesome! Kudos to Ben for pulling that off! Good luck with the reply

  2. the best part is that i left my shoes in your room. hahaha!