Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living situations

So this story has its beginnings a while ago. Towards the beginning of the semester a couple of the guys got what we all thought were rashes. After a few days they figured out it was actually bed bugs. The exterminator came and long story short, bed bugs didn't disappear, guys kept getting bit (I didn't even though I slept there a few times - I fear no bed bugs), and the last few weeks they had to move out of their apartment and disperse into others. Aaron, Jed, and Mike went to the 6th floor with the other guys, and Ben and Bryan moved to the 9th floor with Angela, Krista, Kari, Alyssa, and Sara. Ben had actually been sleeping there already cause he kept getting bit. So lately it's just been a big ol' party on the 9th floor. I actually moved in as well on Monday. Alyssa left and most of my friends are down there anyway so I packed clothes for 5 days and dragged my shower and bedding stuff down two flights of stairs and moved into Angela's room. The bed is 100 times comfortable and plus I don't have to go upstairs to sleep. It's awesome living here even if it only is for 4 nights. Angela, Ben, Bryan, Kari, Krista, and Sara (alphabetical order...I'm such a freak) are some of the best roommies ever!! I wish I had been living here all semester. Oh well. I practically lived on the 9th and 3rd floors anyway...

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