Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back in Utah

It's true. I've been in Utah for 5 days now. I flew in at 10 on Friday night and the next morning drove up to Logan to see one of my best friends be baptized. I can't even describe how incredible an experience that was. When he was confirmed and was told to receive the holy ghost, I've never felt the spirit so strongly before. I was surprised there was still room for everyone there with the spirit so strong. It was an experience I won't forget. It was also way cool because not only did I get to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in 4 months, I got to hang out with Nate (who I haven't seen in over two years) and Jesse (who I hadn't seen in almost 3 years). It was so great hanging out with them again.

I stayed in Logan that night and on my way back home I went to my friend Aaron's farewell in Ogden. Just as all of my friends were coming home, I meet Aaron who is just going out. Ben came as well on his way back to DC (he's installing security systems out there this summer). I had seen Ben on Friday and said goodbye to him then, but it was great to see him one last time before he left. We had a few more good laughs in church. Inappropriate, yes but oh so funny. Aaron's talk was fantastic though. Towards the end he went into this long elaborate story about the bed bugs and Ben turned to me and said, "I wonder how he'll tie this into the gospel." I wondered the same thing myself. The story was long and I was beginning to think it was just a random story to end with. But then Aaron's genius kicked in. He said that Japan (where he is going on his mission) is totally infested with bed bugs and that the Lord prepares us in even the smallest of things. It was hilarious. Not just the ending, but the whole story. Ben and I were cracking up the whole time. Saying goodbye again to the two of them sucked. I'll hopefully see Aaron one more time before he takes off but then it'll be 2 years... Boo! At least I'll see Ben in just a few months.

Being home is weird. I'll most likely be living with my parents for a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine living with my family. It's just Orem that I'm not so much a fan of anymore. I've always been in a hurry with everything I do. When I drive, when I eat... life in general is no different. When I know what big event is coming next, I just want to get there. Towards the end of high school, I just wanted to go to college. When I got an internship in DC, I just wanted to go. Now that I'm home and applying to grad school for 2010, I just want to be in school and living in Salt Lake. I'm not a fan of this whole waiting around thing.

Random side note - I'm watching the end of Becoming Jane. It ALWAYS makes me cry when you find out Tom LeFroy names is daughter Jane.

Anyway, I'm just living in Orem now, looking for a job, going up to Logan often, and waiting till I can apply to the U later this summer. Also, graduating on Saturday. That's a little strange to me. Although as of now I'm feeling pretty apathetic to the idea. We'll see if I have a little more feeling about it on Saturday.

Mostly what's going on right now is my withdrawals. It kind of sucks going from seeing people every day for four months to not seeing them at all. I miss looking at Ben with our "that's what she said" look when an obvious moment presents itself and actually saing "that's what she said" when it makes no sense at all. I miss laughing my head off with Angela over stupid, stupid things. I miss Aaron's Arnold laughing impersonation and hearing him say "damnit, Bobby" exactly like the guy from King of the Hill. I miss Mike turning everything into a Senate floor discussion and listening to his premium story telling. I miss being pleasantly surprised when I find out Kari loves something random like the Labyrinth or the Smiths as much as I do. I miss Bryan singing and putting my name randomly into the songs. I miss Krista getting excited about everything and being happy about everything. I even miss arguing politics with Sara. But it's ok, cause that's life. I miss my friends but at least I had the chance to get to know them all. I'm REALLY glad that some of them will be within a couple hours in a few days. I'm also glad I have old friends and family that are helping me get through this transition without even realizing it. My family (especially Sara) listens patiently as I talk about people they don't know and visiting my friends up in Logan this last weekend was like no time at all had passed between us. Even the friends I hadn't seen in years.

Wow, sorry for that random sap. Two things are guaranteed to make me feel sappy: late night, and a chick flick. This is the result of mixing those two together for me.


  1. Aw! I miss arguing with you too! Haha, never thought I'd say that. :( I got so sad when I heard everyone was going to lunch today up north, I wish I could have been there.

  2. It didn't end up happening, actually. I have no idea how to contact Aaron and I guess others are having issues too... So no worries. You didn't miss out :)