Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mardi Gras and Other Adventures

Mardi Gras this year was super fun. Granted, it wasn't an amazingly awesome time at Utah State, but it was cool for the short notice we had. We decided to have purple, gold, and green food since we didn't really prepare anything else. On our way home from work Mike, Bryan, and I stopped off at Rite Aid to see what we could find. I didn't get any inspiration since the Rite Aid in our basement sucks so I took comfort in the fact that the guys had food coloring. When I got to their apartment and started looking around, I found that they only had blue dye. I put it in the lemonade which turned it green. The pancakes I made turned out to be a very pretty blue that we ended up calling purple. When the pancakes got cooked they turned that golden-brown color pancakes turn so there was the gold. I still wasn't 100% satisfied, so I added more to my milk and called that gold as well. We ate pancakes and bacon and watched Arrested Development. It was awesome.

Another adventure I had recently was a trip down to Williamsburg and Jamestown. It was all pretty and colonial. We rented a car again (Prius upgrade for $7) and left DC around 7:30. Williamsburg took a couple of hours to get to so by the time we left there it was about lunch. After eating we took the ferry (Prius and all) over to Scottland island. Even though it was all cold and rainy, it was way super pretty. We just drove around for hours enjoying the scenery and the company. After a while we decided to head down to North Carolina for some dinner for the heck of it. We wend just over the border to Rowanoke and ate at this really crappy road house place. After dinner we just headed back up to D.C. cause it was pretty late by then. All in all though, it was a really fun trip.

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  1. Nice. Williamsburg is a pretty sweet place. (I almost spelled sweet as "suite." Hahaha. College graduate my foot!)