Friday, March 13, 2009

Updates and Struggles

The last couple of weeks I've been going to Bible Study on Fridays during lunch with my friends. The Senate Chaplain, Chaplain Black, teaches it and it's totally awesome. There have only been a couple of things I haven't agreed with that he's said and everything else is amazing. I took notes today and will from now on because he is just so fantastic. Plus, they feed us which is why I was convinced to go in the first place. There's an institute at 12:30 but apparently Chaplain Black is better. I still feel like I'm getting spiritual nourishment.

I had a friend visit from Saturday to Wednesday. Kayla (who I know from Utah State) came with her friend Fish (Felisha) and it was so totally fun. I wasn't able to get much work off - just Tuesday afternoon - but it was still awesome. We played frisbee with everyone, went shopping, ate out, and I stayed home while they saw all the monuments (I'm experiencing some monument fatigue). It really was awesome having them here. It's always a lot of fun when old friends get along well with new ones :)

So I'm having a struggle and if any of you want to give me some advice I will more than appreciate it. I've been trying to figure out if I want to go back to Utah and get a job in Salt Lake or stay here. Or even go somewhere like Colorado or California. Here is my dilemma. I do love it out here and I think as long as I could buy or rent a car and travel over to West Virginia or something every now and then I could handle the big city. However, I really don't think I'll enjoy this place NEARLY as much without the people who are here now. And granted, I'll meet more people, but it seems weird that I'd get along with them as well as I get along with some of the interns here. I feel like I really lucked out with this group. Plus, another strike against here, I really like my family and I'm missing my nephew and niece a ton. Not that I don't miss the rest of my family, cause I totally do, but for some reason it's harder with Taz and Elliott. I look at pictures of them posted by my sister and sister-in-law and I just want to go home for those few minutes. And as for the rest of my family, I get along with all of them really well and I consider some of them my best friends. I miss hanging out, watching movies, and eating Sunday dinner. But then I remember what I want to do for a job and possibly a career and I realize that the only opportunities for me are in big cities like DC or NYC. Places closer to home like Denver and San Diego are options too, but I feel like if I get a job not in Utah, it's going to be here since I'm here now and making contacts here. Boo. I just hate making decisions.

I'll end on a happy note. I might to to West Virginia again tomorrow! WOOT!!!

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  1. I want in on the Pastor's lessons!! Goodness!

    Advice? haha. Pray about it? And basically wherever you are Jenna you will be amazing!

    And I want to see more pics of West Virginia when you get back. ;)