Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A bunch of us went to Philadelphia on Saturday and it was way fun. 16 of us went in 2 cars and a van. I was in the van with 7 of my good friends out here. It was a 7 seater, but 8 of us ended up squeezing in and it was a blast (I know Mom, I'm irresponsible). The van didn't leave till 9:30ish for various reasons, so we didn't get to Philly till a bit after noon. We went and saw the Liberty Bell before meeting up with everyone to go through Independence Hall. They took us only to two rooms in the building - one was the court room and the other was the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where both the Constitutional Conventions took place. That part was a little emotional for me. It was fantastic. They even had the same chair George Washington sat in at the front of the room. It really was amazing.

After Independence Hall we split up again because the other two cars had already eatten. The 8 of us went down to a place called Jim's but not before stopping in at a place called Condom Kingdom that we happened to park outside of. It was quite possibly the funniest store I've been in. There was a tree near the entrance that was decorated with condoms and the ceiling had giant sperm with smiles on their faces swimming around. It was hilarious. At Jim's we waited in line for about half an hour before getting our Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches which were magically delicious. Mmm...

After lunch we headed over to the art museum where Rocky ran up the steps. We took pictures with his statue (yep - a statue of a movie) before running up the steps and jumping at the top. No worries - we weren't the only ones doing that so we didn't look quite as moronic as we could have. It was pretty funny though. There were two wedding parties taking pictures because the building is amazingly beautiful, art people going in and out of the building all sheek and posh, tourists and school groups running up the steps and jumping/yelling at the top, and real boxers/runners going up and down just like Rocky did. Holy crap, it was awesome. We all hung out there for a bit and waited for another car to meet up with us. We entertained ourselves by looking at the amazing view and lick slapping each other. Alright, the lick slaps were just between Ben and me but it was still entertaining.

After the Rocky steps we headed over to Cape May in New Jersey but by the time we got there is was dark and the water was icey cold. A few of us went in but I didn't stay in the water too long because it was so incredibly painful. Angela completely soaked her pants and played in the water for a while cause she had never been in the Atlantic before. During the ride to dinner she placed Aaron's jacket over her legs and took her pants off because she was so cold. Good times. But Cape May really was beautiful. There was a lighthouse right there and it was all misty and dark and eerie. I love the ocean. I for sure want to go back there during the day before I leave.

The day trips we take are probably my favorite part of being out here. I've been to West Virginia a couple times, Cape May, Philly, Williamsburg, and North Carolina. Although I still need to get to Gettysburgh, Monticello, Amish country, Scranton, and NYC. We've got NYC planned out and it won't be too hard to make it out to everywhere else I want to go. Exept maybe Savanna, GA. I do want to go down there but that'd take some convincing of others on my part and I don't know if I care that much.


  1. The wet pants, sea lice, mild hypothermia, and sacrificing of Aaron's jacket were both totally worth the fun in the ocean!

  2. You have to go to Savannah! It's where Paula Deen's restaurant is!! It'll take 3 years off your life eating there, but I'm sure it's worth it.