Sunday, February 22, 2009

Countdown Races Sing This Song...

So this Saturday was a great day. My friends Bryan, Mike, Jed, and I drove to Charles Town, West Virginia and went to the Race Track. We got a reservation for the high class buffet and pretty much stayed there from 5:30 to 10ish. So much food equals awesome. We also made a few bucks so that was sweet. I can see how betting at the race tracks can get super addicting. The only lame part was during the last race one of the horses stumbled and broke its legs and they had to put it down right there on the track. That was kind of a downer.

The ride to the race tracks was the best part. West Virginia is just like John Denver said - almost heaven. The only way it would have been more perfect is if the "mountains" were really mountains. I could so totally live there. I don't know if West Virginia really was exceptionally beautiful or if I really, really, really miss the mountains and open spaces, but I loved West Virginia so crazy much.

We rented a car and the guy upgraded us to a hybrid so we went well over 200 miles on 5.8 gallons of gas. It would have been more if I had driven since Mack taught me well in the ways of hypermiling. It actually bothered me a little how fast Mike was accelerating and braking.

It took us a while to get out of the city because we only had google's very un-specific directions on Bryans BlackBerry but once we did it was beautiful. We got out at one point and wandered around this little river and took pictures on the bridge. This place really was great. Beautiful, open, quiet, but within an hour drive of DC. I'm totally going back.

We also went to Harper's Ferry on the way there and wandered around. There were some awesome shops and it was just a fantastically quaint little town even though most of the town was little museums and historically preserved exteriors that changed their interiors into bathrooms and stuff. I did get a fantastic hand made mug. Their website is It's a crappy website, but I'm pretty sure you can buy stuff online.


  1. How much more than 200 miles did you go? Because 200 divided by 5.8 gallons is only 34.48 mpg, which is worse than anything I've ever gotten my auto transmission yaris. That makes me want to puke.

  2. We went about 270. So around 46 MPG which isn't much more than you get, but remember I wasn't driving. A Utah Valley boy who owns a truck was.

  3. Okay, so this is a very old post, but it's Camptown Races, not countdown!