Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones update

It's official. I watched Temple of Doom last night with my brother in law and I decided that I do like the Crystal Skull better than Temple of Doom. I like the general story of Temple of Doom better but that woman just drives me absolutely insane. It was a hard decision to make whether her crazy annoying character and her voice that grates on my soul was worse than aliens. As of right now, it is.


  1. Haha. Maybe you should find some way to confront George Lucas. Just so you CAN kick him. It'll give you closure, you know? :) Oh, and hey--have you seen those previews for the animated star wars movie? BOOOOOO I say to that!!

  2. I totally agree about the cartoon Star Wars. My brother in law wants to see it but I also say boo. George Lucas just wants to make money now instead of making quality film. Lame!