Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones *spoiler alert*

I need to vent about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. One small defect and one very large one. First of all though, let me tell you what I liked about it. It was funny, intense, and a pretty good Indiana Jones film (despite the one large defect discussed below). I think liked it better than Temple of Doom (haven't seen that one in forever) but not nearly as much as Raiders or Last Crusade. Had it not been for this one huge defect I would have liked it way better.
Small defect - the massive amounts of overdone graphics. George Lucas had his hand in this WAY too much and (as he always does the last decade or so) has ruined a good thing. Lucas needs to either retire forever or die. He just goes way overboard with the CGI and blue/green screens and whatever else they use. In one scene especially it was really distracting. I was reminded of The Mummy and that is NEVER a good thing in any way shape or form. So my advice to Lucas: back off and let Steven Spielberg work his magic without you.
Very large defect - aliens? Seriously? Aliens!? First of all, what kind of cop out is that? Did the writers just get lazy and decide to take the easy (and crappy) way out? Second, how is that Indiana Jones? Yes, the crystal skull was kind of religious so it did tie in to the other three films but come on! There is a HUGE difference between mystical and science fiction. First three were mystical, this one was science fiction. Indiana Jones is NOT science fiction. I really want to know who's idea it was so I can shoot them in the knee cap and ask them why they had to go and do that. And what's with the other dimension? It's not space, it's another dimension. Seriously? The space between spaces? What the crap does that mean? And I honestly think I would have been more ok with aliens had it not been for the spaceship flying and disappearing to the other dimension at the end. That part was totally corny. As was Cate Blanchett getting her eyes burned out by the... was it an information overload or something? And it wasn't good Indiana Jones cheese. It was crappy cheese. Man... I still can't believe they used aliens to explain the plot.
So yeah. Those are my two main beefs with this film. Obviously though I'll own it and watch it and enjoy it because it is Indiana Jones but... not as much. I need to watch Temple of Doom again though. It's been a crazy long time but from what I can remember it was the ridiculous amounts of corn that I didn't like. I don't remember any massive plot deformities. I need to decide which is better.


  1. I agree to some extent. The aliens were a little far out there. But it WAS set in '57, and during that time the obsession with the possibilities of extraterrestrials was like pop culture. So maybe that was why they threw it in there. But yeah. The space ship part was a little out there.... :)

  2. Yeah they were obsessed with extraterrestrials, but Indiana Jones has never been about pop culture. It's archeology and mystical. I really don't think I'll ever be able to get past the whole alien thing as unfortunate as that is. Kicking George Lucas in the nuts will make me feel better I'm sure :)