Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finals Woes

Finals are steadily approaching and as they get nearer and nearer, students (of course including me) are getting less and less sleep. The library is open till midnight and the computer lab in the TSC (taggert student center) is open 24 hours. I have been taking advantage of those two facts the last two days and will continue to do so. My paper hasn't progressed yet, but I've got just about all of the research done. Plus my professor (thank goodness!) gave us an extension till next Wednesday. Happy, happy day. But I need to get it done before then because the final I'm most worried about is on Wednesday as well. My goal is to have this paper done by Sunday at the latest so I can still have time to study for that final. Plus find a couple hours for my other two which are on Monday and Tuesday. But this one on Wednesday is going to be nasty to study for. We'll have some short answers/fill in the blanks and maybe 3 long essays on the exam. My professor gave us a study guide for the essays the other day and there are 11 potential questions on there. 11! So I'm going to stop writing on blogs and researching and writing my paper.

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