Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It's snowing crazy a lot outside right now. And I didn't bring a coat to campus today. Sad stories. So here's a question I just want to throw out there into the void. How is it that guys who are way super tight (as in if they weren't straight they'd be partners tight) don't write each other on missions? I write all of them, they all write me, so how come they don't write each other? Or even have each other's addresses? This just completely confuses me.
Another sad story. Last weekend I went to Trolley Square with my brother, sister, and their spouses. I got a necklace and 2 bracelets that were 50% off (but still it cost $20). The super cute green bracelet broke when I was putting my backpack on, and I lost the black bracelet somewhere at my parent's house, my friend's car, or a random church. So basically I paid $20 for a necklace that is cute, but I would never have paid $20 for.

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