Friday, January 11, 2013

Wonder Woman

Let's get a few things out of the way.

First, I love Wonder Woman. Always have, always will.

Second, Warner Brothers should kick themselves for all eternity for not letting Joss Whedon make a Wonder Woman movie way back when. I want to say it was 2004ish, but I could be wrong. He had an intriguing story planned out and he really would have been the best man for the job.

Third, I'm very interested in seeing who the CW casts as young Diana and I really, REALLY hope they do this well. My only experience with the CW is Supernatural and while I love that show to the point of obsession, it is definitely known for treating women poorly. Meaning they're either evil or they die. While it is an entirely different show, it does make me wary of how they'll write Diana. I haven't watched Arrow yet, but maybe Huntress will make me feel better.

Fourth, while it's not likely we'll see a Wonder Woman movie in the near future, she will (she better) play a major role in the Justice League movie. This both excites and worries me. I'm worried about how she'll be written. I personally have never seen any version of Wonder Woman that wasn't awesome (I hear the failed pilot wasn't so great in that regard and I've stayed away from DC's New 52 because I was that unimpressed with their initial Catwoman issue), but Hollywood is notorious for writing awful, terrible, one-dimensional women. Superheros notwithstanding. Just look at Black Widow in Iron Man 2 or Selina Kyle in Batman Returns.

There is reason to hope though. Black Widow in Avengers and Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises were both extremely well done. No surprise that Joss Whedon would write an awesome female superhero, but I was pleasantly surprised with Nolan's version of Catwoman. Hopefully we'll see more of that with Wonder Woman.

Okay. With those things out of the way, I want to talk about who I think Warner Brothers should cast as Wonder Woman (in no particular order).

Summer Glau

Give me the description of any strong and kick ass female character and Summer Glau will immediately come to my mind. There's just no getting around it. She's fantastic in anything she does and can do some incredible fight scenes and can do the all but impossible with her body. 

Jaimie Alexander


I know that this is cheating since she's already in the Marvel universe as Sif in the Thor movies, but she immediately came to mind as well. Looking at pictures of her she just looks like how I'd picture Diana to look in real life. She's got the poise, the build, the beauty, and I did like her in Thor. She might just be my top pick. 

Emily Blunt

I probably would have rather seen her as Black Widow (I'll never understand why she turned that down), but I still want to see her as a superhero and since I've loved Emily Blunt in absolutely everything I've seen her in, I have confidence that she'd be a great Wonder Woman. 

Morena Baccarin

I like Morena for Wonder Woman for two reasons. First, she'd be awesome. Second, when I was little I always thought it was weird that Wonder Woman was white cause she was an Amazon. I didn't learn about the Greek Myth until much later in life and I still remember the moment when it dawned on me that Diana was Greek, not Brazilian. Still, I'd love to see a woman of color play Wonder Woman. While I'm not sure if Morena is technically a woman of color (her dad is Italian and I don't know what her mother's ethnicity is), she was born in Brazil and that makes the eight year old in me smile. 

Zoe Saldana

Okay, no way of getting around the woman of color on this one. I've liked what I've seen of Zoe and I think she'd do a pretty good job as Wonder Woman. I think she's got the physical skills to pull this role off as well. 

Christina Hendricks

I can totally picture her wailing on some unsuspecting criminal mastermind. Plus I love her. So much. 

Milla Jovovich 

Because no action female lead list would be complete without Milla Jovovich. She could absolutely pull this off physically and I do think she'd do a good job in general.

And by the way, I am hoping to see some costume changes. Mainly, let's have the Princess Diana (a warrior, for those who live in a box) dress like a freaking warrior. Something like this, maybe?
(picture credit to Rahzzah on deviantART)

Seriously, who in their right mind would fight crime without proper support? At least give the poor woman some bra straps! 

But really, I can't get over how awesome this redesign is. 

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