Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ginger Swapping Doctor Who!

Words cannot express how excited I am about this post. Cause I've been gender swapping my favorite TV shows lately, and now I'm ginger swapping Doctor Who. See what I did there? And not just the alliteration, but the whole Doctor-wants-to-be-ginger thing. Man, I'm funny.

Quick story on how this came about: I told my sister that I finally finished gender swapping Doctor Who and she said, "Gin- gender swapping. Got it." Then we both started laughing cause ginger swapping sounded hilarious and I immediately decided I needed to ginger swap Doctor Who. Cause of all the funny!

1. Ninth Doctor: Benedict Cumberbatch 

Maybe pushing it a little with the ginger. Benedict is more auburn than anything else. Still, I had limited options. But really, how fun would this be? The answer is super.

2. Tenth Doctor: Simon Pegg

Also a little bit of a stretch. Strawberry blonde...ginger... no big diff. Plus Simon Pegg can do anything. Not only that, but I want him to do everything. We'll say it's also fitting that I have giant crushes on both of these men.

3. Eleventh Doctor: Felicia Day

I know this was the same match up for the gender-swapping, but it works perfectly for the ginger-swapping as well. And I'll keep using Felicia for things like this cause I also have a giant crush on her.

4. Rose: Alyson Hannigan

Granted, I've only seen Alyson in Buffy (although I'm now remembering she was in a few episodes of Veronica Mars), but she was fantastic through all seven seasons. I'm watching Willow maneuver around Buffy's subconscious and talk her out of a catatonic state as I type this. I feel like if I knew Alyson in real life, she'd be one of my favorite people. Oh, and she'd make a great Rose too.

5. Martha: Amy Adams

As I started looking for someone to play Martha I realized that this would be an all white cast since everyone would be a red head. Whoops. But since it's fake, I don't feel that bad. Still works though. Both beautiful, both could do the hardened soldier and super smart doctor, both would be much better characters if they weren't in love with the Doctor. I really need to get over that...

6. Donna: Emma Caulfield  

"What's this," you say? "Emma Caulfield isn't ginger. Why, even in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which she changed her hair often, she was never ginger." ha-HA! I fooled you! Donna Noble is ginger so with the ginger-swapping, she's not! Boom. Maybe this isn't blowing your mind as much as it blew mine when my sister suggested it. It was kind of hard to find someone that had the same physical comedy style, but I think Emma could do it cause she's just great.

7. Amy: Chris Hardwick 

Full disclosure: I've never seen Chris Hardwick act. Nerdist Podcast, Talking Dead, Attack of the Show, Doctor Who PSAs... oh! He was older Sokka's voice in Legend of Korra. Does that count? Anyway, I have no idea what kind of actor he is. I just know that he is awesome and he really likes Doctor Who. Thus, I want to see him in the show. And I picked Amy cause why not? Also, he's super attractive and so is Karen Gillan.

8. Rory: Scott Grimes 


I don't know why. I think I've only seen Scott Grimes in Band of Brothers as Malarkey, but I did love him. I want to see him more. I think he'd do well as Rory.

9. River: Christina Hendricks 

Is there really any other choice?

10. Clara/Oswin: Emma Stone


Quick wit and charm. That's what I think of when I think of Emma Stone, and that's what I've thought of the two episodes we've seen Clara. Although I'd rather her be Oswin. Totally like that name better. But Emma would be a great Clara. Come to think of it, she'd make a great Donna too.

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