Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I'm reading 1984 again. It's one of the greatest novels I've ever read, if not ever written. It's by far my favorite book of all time and I think it should be required reading for every person everywhere. That being said, and bearing in mind that I am a movie snob, As I'm reading the first few pages I can't help but think of a new and better adaptation of a 1984 film. I never saw the first one mainly because I've heard only horrible things about it. Anyway, I'm just trying to think of who would play what character and I'm just having trouble thinking of the right people. Right now I'm thinking a less attractive Aaron Eckhart for Winston, A slightly younger Anthony Hopkins for O'Brien, and maybe Milla Jovovich for Julia. Morgan Freeman I think might also make a good O'Brien but I have a hard time picturing 1984's London as a hub of diversity. Or maybe this novel just brings out racism in me. Who knows? Anyway, if anyone has any ideas for people to play these characters you should share those ideas.

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