Monday, June 25, 2007

It's June!

So I'm very much aware of the fact that I'm the only person that visits this site. Consequently, I haven't added anything for over a month. However, I decided that it's a bit like a journal and since I've been slacking off in that area lately, I'll keep going with this. Although I have no idea how often the posts will be. Oh well.
I am officially very not much a fan of Sean Hannity. Not that I ever was. I'm just forced to listen to his radio show now. In the production room where I work KSL 1160 is the only radio station we get and when my boss is working back there with me he likes to have the radio on so I get to listen to Mr. Hannity 3 hours a day. I get quite upset at him probably more often than is healthy. And I'm not super liberal either. Maybe for Utah I am, but out in the world I'd probably be considered a moderate. And yet still I agree with pretty much nothing he says. Some day I'll email him and vent all of my frustrations. The happy thing is when my boss isn't back there I can turn the radio off.
(Now this really is turning into a journal). For family home evening tonight our ward went up Logan canyon and had a bonfire. It was funny cause first we went up green canyon but there was a car that had rolled over so the caravan of about 13 cars all headed up to second dam. That was all full so again the caravan took off and ended up just past third dam. It was a fun little treasure hunt. Power D did an awesome job of coordinating. Very happy occasion - the guy I have a slight crush on was there and I totally talked to him. Big accomplishment because in addition to being ridiculously shy, I'm an 8th grader when it comes to liking guys so I don't really talk to them if we're not already friends. But I talked to him tonight so I'll have at least that to tell Krista when she gets back up here from her month long vacation at home. My job was to have a story for her when she got back. Granted, talking to him once isn't quite a story, but it's better than nothing! You can tell how insecure I am about this by the fact that I haven't typed out his name even though I really am the only one who reads this. Oh the frustrations of being a 13 year old trapped in a 20 year old body when it comes to liking boys...

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