Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thoughts on My Ongoing SDCC Dilemma

I first attended San Diego Comic Con in 2013, and it was a magical experience. I attended again the next year, and although it was still ridiculous fun, it was nowhere near the amazing experience from the year before. However, I did sleep in the Hall H line, and that's something every nerd should do. Then 2015 came around and although I purchased a badge, I was not feeling 100% in because A) it wasn't so great the second year and maybe it would continue to go downhill and B) I was (and still am) trying to pay off my student loans and if I was going to spend $600 (give or take) on a vacation, I thought it might be better to do something I hadn't done before. So with just a few months to go, I returned that badge and got my refund.

That turned out to be a terrible decision, of course, because that was the year that Star Wars came back and my friend got into the panel there, which means I would have gotten into the panel, and it was apparently an amazing experience that she will never forget. I have regretted that decision every day since then.

And here we are: three days before badges go on sale and I am wavering in my decision to not go this year.

Arguments in favor of going:
-As far as regrets go, not going last year is probably number two or three on my list.
-There are some great TV shows coming up (American Gods, anyone?) that I would love to see the panels for.
-It's not a super expensive vacation.
-I'm around my people for several days.
-There are always some awesome exclusives.
-It's likely that I won't be able to go in 2017 or 2018 because I will (hopefully) be getting my MBA and it's doubtful that SDCC will happen during a term break

Arguments against going:
-I regret not going last year because of Star Wars, not because of the other awesome panels and Star Wars won't be the big to-do that it was.
-I'm trying to pay off my student loans. I'm on track to pay off my one non-subsidized loan in July, and spending $600 would delay that a month.
-I'm planning on starting an MBA program this fall and paying for it out of pocket. Spending $600 would set me back a bit.
-There have been talks about going on a cruise, to New Orleans, or to Washington, D.C. with people and I probably shouldn't do both.
-I still need to visit my sister in Nashville.
-My friend and I are toying with going to Europe next year during one of my term breaks and that's crazy expensive.
-I have made no plans with people to get down there and share a hotel room, potentially making the trip more expensive.

Money-wise, I shouldn't go. Fun-wise, I'd be stupid not to.

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