Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Celebrity Countdown!

Don't ask me why I'm doing this post. Maybe it's because my boyfriend is a 9 hour drive away. Maybe binge watching the last 5 episodes of Outlander with all those kilt wearing hunks was not such a good idea. Maybe I should get off the romantic period drama kick I've been on. Whatever it is, I decided to write about 10 amazing people who I... have feelings for.

As I was trying to come up with 10 names I kept going back to Hansel (he's so hot right now). However, since I never was a big Owen Wilson fan, he did not make the cut.

One of the unfortunate things about being straight is I'm only sexually attracted to men, but I did pick five amazing women for you to bask in the glory of and who I would totally be lusting after if I was bisexual.

These are also in no particular order, cause I tried to order them and it's really hard.

Simon Pegg

The man is an utter delight, on an off screen. If you asked me who the coolest person ever was, I'd say "Simon Pegg" without any hesitation. So many people on this list would intimidate me to the point of speechlessness, but by the time our interactions were over, I just wanted to hang out with the guy. And also bone him.

Tom Hardy

Yes, Sara, I know you liked him first. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And also bone him.

Chris Evans

Now, historically I don't like muscles, but for some reason they're growing on me (not literally, though I did join a gym). Probably because my boyfriend is buff, so I kind of have to like them now.


Chris Pratt

Okay, if I HAD to order everyone here, Chris Pratt would be second (after Simon. Pegg, not my nephew). I already had a crush on him from Parks and Rec, and I was kind of bummed when I found out he was going to get beefed up for Guardians. Then I saw him without a shirt on so... Plus, he's just the same old adorable Chris Pratt he always was.

Pedro Pascal

What Game of Thrones fan didn't fall for Pedro Pascal? He was the perfect Viper and turns out the  man is amazing. We also both read The Mary Sue!!

Tilda Swinton

I'll be honest. Part of the reason for this post is because I wanted to share pictures of Tilda Swinton with everyone. She is amazing and perfect and glorious ethereal and other-worldly and probably would play Luthien if she were an elf. She could steal every movie she's ever been in if she wanted, but she can be understated to allow others to shine, which only makes her stand out to me more. She is a goddess.

Cate Blanchett

Now, Tilda Swinton may be a god, but Cate Blanchett is, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman currently alive. Seriously, I can only pick four pictures, and it's proving difficult. Not only that, but she's awesome. Her Oscar speech for Blue Jasmine was amazing and she regularly calls out the media for being sexist. I'd want to be her friend if I knew I would be able to do anything other than openly stare at her if I met her in real life. Since I don't, I'll stick with admiring her from afar.

Lupita N'yongo

I am a little enamored with her right now. She was breath taking in 12 Years a Slave and I cannot wait to see her as (presumably) a baddie in Star Wars ep. VII. And as I've said before, she needs to be Storm.

Natalie Dormer 

I've gushed about her recently so I'll spare you the details, but I love Natalie Dormer just so much. She has officially replaced Jennifer Lawrence as my "celebrity dream friend" if that's a thing.

Rosamund Pike

For a while Rosamund Pike was just the blonde actress who I was pretty sure was British, but I've been steadily falling in love with her for a while now and ever since Gone Girl I've been head over heels.

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