Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I'm Going to Four Geek Conventions This Year

YTD: I have attended one geek convention and have tickets for three more. Even I know this is overdoing it, so I feel compelled to explain.

1. San Diego Comic Con

My badge for this event was purchased in February. I went last year and the same people I went with wanted to go this year. So did I, so that was easy. After the figurative magic I experienced last year, I wasn't going to say no this year. I'll go until I'm tired of going or until I want to save for a bigger trip, whichever comes first. 

2. Salt Lake FanX (or "wait, they're doing a second Comic Con?")

The first Salt Lake Comic Con last year wasn't all that great (understandably so, since they originally had the Sandy Expo Center booked and 2,000 people in mind) and the FanX event just seemed like a way to squeeze more money out of the public. I hadn't planned on going, but then they announced that James Marsters was coming. 

Seriously. How am I supposed to pass up the opportunity to meet Spike? That, plus my brother (who is currently in Afghanistan) asked me if I would take his daughter since he wouldn't be here to. Come on. Who says no to that? 

And look how cute she is in her Merida dress with the Ghostbusters gear! 

3. Salt Lake Comic Con

Yes, I have already purchased my ticket. Mainly because a 3 day pass generally costs $60, but they're way dang on sale right now and I got mine for $33. I'm not overly excited for anyone yet (some cool people, but no one draws me the way James Marsters did), but I figured, eh. I'm probably going to go anyway, might as well save some money. Oh, and turns out it was worth it so far because Eliza Dushku will be there. It's now my goal to get a picture with as many Scoobies as I can. Even though Faith wasn't ever tight with the group. Poor Faith... 

4. Fantasy Con

I saw a billboard for this and thought, 'that might be fun. Smaller turnout, maybe?' I was on the fence about going (again, 3 day passes are $60), but today I found out that Simon Pegg will be there. I love few people as much as I love Simon Pegg. He has long been my biggest celebrity crush (for I have many) and when I went to London a couple years ago, I actually daydreamed about bumping into him on the street. This is what a fangirl looks like. 

Sadly, that didn't happen, but I have been in fairly close proximity to him (four seats away to be exact - I'll never get tired of telling that story) and it was delightful. Hopefully this time I'll get a picture with him. 

And no, I don't go to cons just for the famous people. Although that is a big draw. Especially now that I have my "name dropping wall." 

I just added up about how much money I'll be spending at cons this year, what with tickets, merchandise, autographs, photos, hotel, food, gas... Sigh... At least only one of these is out of state! 

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  1. The daughter of a friend of mine is the queen of fantasy con.