Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 26th

May 26th is going to be a very special day, and I'm sure many of you can guess why. It's the day Netflix un-makes a huge mistake (to borrow from their newest slogan). It's the day Netflix releases 15 episodes of hands down, the best sitcom I've ever seen.

Honestly, I haven't met anyone who has seen this show and hasn't liked it. Quick background in case you know nothing about this: Arrested Development is the funniest and smartest show that has ever been on television. This is a fact. It was on for three seasons beginning in 2003. Fox marketed it terribly (as Fox is apt to do) and its viewership was abysmal despite it winning all the awards. For years there was talk of a movie, but I never thought it would happen. Enter Netflix deciding to produce its own content. While the movie is still a rumor, Netflix is giving us 15 more glorious episodes supposedly leading up to said rumored movie. This alone is reason to keep my subscription for the rest of my life. It's also reason to tell you about many of the things I'm looking forward to come tomorrow (or tonight at 1:00 AM in case I decide to not sleep). 

Chicken Dances

It all began with Gob but we eventually got to see timeless moves from three more Bluths. 

Motherly Love

Brotherly Love

It tastes kind of like sad...

Cousinly Love

Fine Cuisine

Such as Club Sauce...

...juice... cream sandwiches... ham water...

... and mayoneggs


The Seaward

Uncle Father Oscar

No Regrets


Dead Doves



Work Ethics

The Service Industry


(Just FYI, I love everything about Mae Whitman)


The seal is for marksmanship. 

Sad Bluths being Sad

Guy Stuff

They're not very good at "guy stuff"

15 Passing for 30

The Hook


Awareness of Socio-economic Issues


We just call it a sausage...

At the time of this posting, I have a mere 3 hours 18 minutes to wait. I'm going to now include some gifs that demonstrate my joy. Cause after this post I'm really into gifs right now. If I had a tumblr page, I'd use it.

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