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Supernatural Challenge

Have you seen those 30 Days of [fill in TV show] going around online? I found a few for shows that I love, and I decided to take the challenge. Only I'm not even a little bit patient so I'm doing all 30 in one go. I feel like I may have done this for Buffy, but I could be wrong. If I haven't, I'll do that later. Right now however, it's Supernatural. I'm not really watching this too much anymore now that I'm all caught up, but I still love it and it's still my most recent obsession and this obsessiveness won't leave until I find a new one. I suppose my obsession just shifts...

Anyway, here's 30 Days of Supernatural in One Sitting:

SPOILER WARNING: I've labeled the spoilers just in case you're reading this and haven't watched it. In which case, you are dedicated to wasting time. That being said, specific spoilers are labeled, but general spoilers that don't really give much away, but still kind of do a little, are not.

1. Favorite Character

Castiel. Hands down. It irks me he isn't in more episodes. He makes a phenomenal entrance in the first episode of season 4 and is pretty consistently in about every other episode for seasons 4, 5, and 6. He's in I think 5 episodes of season 7, and so far has only made a couple brief appearances in flashbacks in season 8 (he better come back quick, or I may lose interest). At the same time, I realize with his all-powerful power (he's an angel - not far fetched for this show) it could get boring with him riding around with Sam and Dean and vanquishing evil everywhere he goes, but he just makes every episode better. He's painfully awkward at times and freaking awesome and kick ass the next minute. All in all, he's hilarious and awesome. Also my Halloween costume this year.

2. Least Favorite Character

Bela. Good grief, she was annoying. Luckily she was only in a handful of episodes. She also had a TERRIBLE fake British accent. Go look her up on YouTube if you want, cause I'm not posting a video of her.

3. Favorite Season

It's a close race between seasons 4 and 5, but I think I have to go with 5. It's got two of my very favorite episodes (The End and Changing Channels) and it brings the epic 5 season story arc to a beautiful close. The climax of the final episode had me sobbing, laughing, and so surprised that my jaw dropped all within about 5 seconds. This story arc is one of the best I've ever seen on television, and really nothing in this show is ever going to top it. Also, it introduces us to Mark Sheppard's character. I love both the actor and his character (Crowley). To give you a hint of how awesome season 5 is, here's the opening credits to episode 8 - Changing Channels.

4. Least Favorite Season

Season seven. No contest. It's terrible. TERRIBLE. If I had been watching season 7 while it was on, I would have lost interest really quickly and stopped watching all together. As it was, I was able to watch it all at once (we'll leave the details out on that). There were episodes when I would watch it at 1.5 speed so I could still understand the dialogue, but it went faster. Other episodes I watched at 10 times the speed so I got the general gist of what what happening because they were just so painful to watch. There's one moment that I really like and I still like watching that moment, but other than that it just sucks. Oh, and Felicia Day. She was in an episode and was perfect, as always.

The mediocre season 6 ended on a pretty awesome cliffhanger. Castiel had absorbed millions of monster souls from Purgatory and was all powerful and demanded that his friends kneel before their new God. Season 7 at that point seemed like it would be an awesome redemption story for Cas. In the first or second episode of season seven he realizes what he's done and puts the souls back into Purgatory. Only the baddest of the bad creatures in Purgatory, the Leviathan, held on and took control of his body. At that point it seemed like it was going to be an awesome save Cas from the Leviathan story. A few seconds later the Leviathan realize that Castiel's human vessel (Castiel is essentially possessing a human body) can't contain them, and disperse into the town's water source conveniently located within walking distance of the abandoned warehouse they're in, and each individual Leviathan possesses unsuspecting townspeople. Cas disappears until episode 17 (his moment of remembering while killing demons is the great moment I loved) and the Leviathan prove to be really dull big bads. Really, so dull. One of the sub-plots revolves around Sam going crazy due to the fake Lucifer inside his head keeping him awake constantly, but it's not executed well enough to keep my interest. Really, terrible season. The only reason I'm watching season 8 is because of the cliff hanger.

5. Favorite Episode

This one is genuinely difficult. I think it's Changing Channels. Nothing creepy, just 40 minutes of pure hilarity making fun of Full House, Grey's Anatomy, Japanese game shows (this one is called Nut Cracker, and it has nothing to do with legumes), herpes medication commercials, CSI Miami (Dean shares my hatred of police procedurals), and Knight Rider. Through all this the story moves along and we get a fun revelation at the end. Have fun watching the CSI scene. Stop watching after "Gutter ball" if you don't like mild spoilers.

6. Least Favorite Episode

Honestly, it's probably something from season 7. Throw a dart and we'll go with that one. 

7. Favorite Dean Crying Scene

I love that this is a category. In the first 1, maybe 2 seasons, Dean has a macho-man-don't-share-feelings thing going on and it's annoying as hell. That was one of the reasons it took me a couple seasons to get into it and to warm up to Dean (I love him now, by the way). He's all sorts of share your feelings now, and I love it. 

I won't write about my favorite Dean crying scene, cause it gives away some pretty big stuff. I'll just post the video. I still get a little emotional. I wouldn't ever call Jensen Ackles a great actor, but his performance is pretty convincing. You have to watch this one on YouTube. Stupid embedding disabled by request... SPOILER VIDEO

8. Favorite Sam Crying Scene

Maybe I'm not as invested in Sam's emotional well-being as I am in Dean's, cause I can't remember Sam crying a lot. That being said, I guess my favorite is when that thing that happens at the end of season 3 happens. If I remember correctly, it only shows Sam crying for a few seconds, so I won't bother trying to find a video. It's super sad though. I cried too.

9. Favorite Dean Death Scene

Sorry if that's a spoiler, but in a show like this, everyone is going to die at least once so it's not a huge spoiler. With the Mystery Spot episode, Dean dies a ridiculous amount of times for a human, but one stands out above all the rest.

"These tacos taste funny to you?"

10. Favorite Sam/Other Death Scene [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Sam doesn't die as nearly as many times as Sam, so I understand why they went with Sam or Other here. So many awesome people die in this show it's hard to pick. Some of the deaths (Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Balthazar...) just left me pissed and I still haven't seen the logic behind killing them off, so I'll go with Cas' death at the end of season 5. The moment leading up to it was hilarious ("Hey! Assbutt!") and the moment Lucifer kills him is so unexpected... I felt all the emotions. But God brought him back so I wasn't upset about his death for long.

I can't figure out how to embed the video here for some reason. I guess I was more clever last night in posting that other video that doesn't like to be embedded.

11. Favorite Quote

Wow, really? how to pick just one quote in all the genius that is Supernatural? I'll give you a few. Or a lot...

Sam: "You peed yourself."
Dean: "Of course I peed myself. A man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!

Dean: "Everybody, stop killing virgins!"

Dean: "Sam, I'm not going to make a left hand turn into oncoming traffic, I'm not suicidal!"

Dean: "That was scary!"

Todd: "Kneel before Todd!"

Chuck: "I am the prophet, Chuck!"

Dean: "Whoa, whoa! Last time you zapped me someplace I didn't poop for a week. We're driving."

Dean: "Last night on Earth. What are your plans?"
Cas: "I just thought I'd sit here quietly."

Sam: "Boop!"

Cas: "Boop!"

Cas: "I got your message. It was long, your message. I find your voice... grating.

Cas: "Hey! Ass-butt!"

Dean: "He's watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?"

Girl: "Your brother was abducted?"
Sam: "Yeah, it's fine. I mean, I've had time to adjust."
Girl: "Did it happen when you were kids?"
Sam: "No, like, half an hour ago."

Cas: "It's very complex. If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong."

Dean: "I feel like this whole place is bad touching me."

Dean: "It was like a Khan worm on steroids!"

Sam: "Why do you keep talking about herpes?"
Dean: "What? I don't. Shut up... Shut up!"

Dean: "Let's Star Trek VI this bitch."
Bobby: "I only watched Deep Space Nine."
Dean: It's like I don't even know you guys anymore. Star Trek IV, save the whales!"

Dean: "We... are... teddy bear doctors!"

Dean: "I'll stay here, hook up with the posse. Cause you know me, posse magnet. I mean, I love posse... Make that into a t-shirt."

Dean: "Cas, get out of my ass."
Cas: "I was never in your..."

Dean: "I think she turned me into a Jefferson Starship."

Cas: "I remember the Tower of Babel. All 37 feet of it which, I suppose, was impressive at the time."

Sam: "I miss conversations that didn't start with, 'this killer truck.'"

Ed: "WWBD. What would Buffy do?"

Cas: "I found a liquor store."
Sam: "And?"
Cas: "And I drank it."

Sam: "I want you to know, I'm here for your. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. Come here! You're too precious for this world!"

Sam: "Amy Pond, huh? Cute name."

Dean: "It's called Anime. And it's an artform."

Dean: "Do you have any tattoos? Give him a little sneak peak there. All tattoos are sexy."
Charlie (Felicia Day's character): "Mine is Princess Leah in the slave bikini straddling a 20 sided dye. ...I was drunk. It was Comic Con.

Cas: "Did you know that a cat's penis is sharply barbed along its shaft? I know for a fact the females were not consulted about that."

Sam: "We could call Castiel again."
Dean: "Dude, on my car. He showed up naked, covered in bees."
Sam: "Yeah, I'm not really sorry I missed that."

Sam: "They think the ball washer did it."
Dean: "The what?"
Sam: "The ball washer."
Dean: "That what?"
Sam: "The ball..."

Sam: "Dean, this is a very serious investigation. We don't have time for any of your blah blah blah blah."

Cas: "The Whore can only be killed by a true servant of heaven."
Dean: "Servant like..."
Cas: "Not you, or me. Sam, of course, is an abomination..."

How can you read through those and NOT want to watch this show?!

12. Favorite Funny Scene

Another hard one, initially. But after thinking about it, I realized there was no contest. The scene in Yellow Fever. You know, THAT one. If you haven't seen this episode yet, skip the video. It's not a spoiler, but it's best to stumble upon this scene organically. Cause it's amazing.

Man, it still makes me crack up. 

13. Scene that Makes You Sad/Cry

Pff. A lot. Still. I'm gonna say it's still the scene from number 7. The one where Dean cries. Pretty much any time Dean cries, I cry. 

14. Scene that Makes You Happy

Um, how about all of them? Except the ones that make me sad. Or annoyed (those are mostly in season 7). 

15. Scene that Makes You Angry

When a certain someone dies in season 7. They've killed off so many people at that point that it just made me mad. I like Sam and Dean, but the show isn't as interesting without the recurring characters. 

16. An Episode that Scared You

Family Remains. I don't scare easily, but watching that at night by myself... good grief. I couldn't find the clip I wanted (although I'm not trying very hard), but that scene when the girl is walking towards everyone in the salt circle? I had to fast forward that the first time I watched it. 

17. Favorite Friendship

Duh, Dean and Castiel. I'm not into the whole Destiel thing, by the way. For those of you not "in" on the gross fanfic, some people like the... homoeroticism of Cas and Dean. Or Dean and Sam. Then they write fanfic and/or create fanart. It's weird. 

Anyway, I love their very platonic relationship. Dean often seems like he doesn't really respect Cas, but they're besties. Like brothers. It's fun. After sifting through all the Destiel videos, I found this gem of a moment: 


18. Favorite Romance

Not many lasting ones, what with the boys always travelling and all. But I like Dean and Lisa. A big part of me wishes that the show had just ended there instead of season 6 happening. Although then we wouldn't have The French Mistake, and I would call that one of the best episodes. 

19. Favorite Song

No question. 

Eye of the Tiger. 

Remember, this was all improved. 

20. Favorite Recap

Hmm. I guess I'm not that much of a Supernatural fan. I generally skip the recaps cause, you know, I know what happened. 

21. Favorite Character Entrance

Castiel's, for sure. 

Awesome, anyone?

Although there is another worth mentioning...

Yep. Still gives me chills. This version of the song was written especially for this scene. Perfectly done. 

22. Favorite Minor Character

Charlie. I love Felicia Day, and Charlie's character was freaking awesome. I really wish she had stuck around longer. In fact, there are a lot of peripheral characters had stuck around longer...

Ah, I just love her so, so much!

23. Character that is Most Like You

I can honestly say I've never once thought about this. And you know... I don't know if there's anyone I can fully relate to... Never died, never been to hell, not an angel, not a fallen angel, not evil, not a vengeful spirit, not a zombie, not a prophet, not a drunk... I'm gonna say I'm not really like anyone. 

24. Episode you Wish Never Happened

Season 7. 

25. Something You Wished Happened, but Didn't

Not season 7. 

26. Favorite FanVid

Um... none. Every time I accidentally start a fan video, I quickly stop it. Don't know why, but they're just not my thing. There are limits to my obsessive personality. 

27. Favorite Season Intro Episode

I'm kind of getting tired of this, so it's a good thing I'm almost done. 

This is me picking my favorite first episode from the 8 seasons, yes? If that's it, I'll say Lazarus Rising - season 4. So much awesome. Plus we meet Castiel. Either that or In My Time of Dying - season 2. "I full on Swazeyed that mother" is what started my crush on Dean. 

 28. Favorite Season Finals

Another duh. Swan Song from season 5. Feel ALL the feelings!

29. Favorite Fanfic

Sorry, hardcore SPNers. Again, I try to steer clear of fanfic. Especially considering the "slash" and "Destiel" stories... Really not my cup of tea. 

30. Anything SPN Related

I hear Cas is coming back in episode 7. As of now, that's just two or three episodes away. This makes me... very happy. Guess I'll keep watching! 

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