Saturday, February 4, 2012

Embarking on Publication

Getting published is on my bucket list. I have an actual list and some of them are pretty silly since it's been an ongoing list-making process. Things like "make out in a cave" or "buy a house with a yard" haven't had appeal to me for years (probably about a decade with the former) so I've scribbled them out. Others, like visit Puerto Rico or go to The Daily Show will stay there until I actually do them. But at the bottom of the list (indicating the newest addition) is getting published.

I added this one towards the end of college. I was looking back at the four years previous and I regretted not working with any professor on any research. I have since rectified that in grad school and I'm actually working on two research projects, both of which will hopefully end in publication. One might not, but the other probably will. And guess what? My name will be listed as an author. I will submit a manuscript to a peer reviewed journal. I will present my findings at a conference in Boston. Assuming all goes well, that is.

Before all that happens though, I have to write an annotated bibliography. This is my second and like a moron, I put it off until the last minute. To keep up with the timeline for this conference in July, this needs to be done by Monday, meaning I have tonight and tomorrow to write it. I have eleven articles at this point and that should be good. Although inevitably as I read through the articles themselves and not just the abstracts, I will be forced to drop a couple due to their lack of any number of long research terms that I don't want to try and remember at this point, which means I'll have to find a few more.

Blah. This better be worth it.

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