Monday, October 6, 2008

Internship and my Mac

I don't write in my journal anymore and I don't post on my blog. Not good.

My internship is increasingly getting closer. I've applied to a bunch of places so far: Harry Reid, Jim Matheson, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Atlantic Council of the U.S., the Hudson Institute, and Amnesty International. There are still several more that I want to apply for but as of now I'm hoping for either Harry Reid, CSIS, or Amnesty. I'm getting pretty excited - not for whatever comes after (cause I have no idea) but for the internship itself. The best part about preparing for this is I'm going to need to buy clothes soon. This is also forcing me to start wearing make-up. I decided I can't be professional without it so for several days in a row now I've been wearing foreign elements on my face.

I bought a MacBook about a month ago and he's a beauty. I named him Quincy and this is a love affair that will never end. At least with Macs in general. It was expensive, but oh so worth it. I'm never going back to a PC. I keep discovering amazing things about this computer. The other day I clicked on "Front Row" not knowing what it was. Basically I can watch movie trailers to my heart's content as well as videos I have on my computer. There are many other elements to this application, but really I just use it to watch trailers. I have been introdiced to several films I really want to see now because of that. I LOVE MY MAC!!

I have many other things I could say but as a college student, I need to read (then write a paper, read some more, write another paper, then skim through a book as I write a paper).

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  1. AMEN ABOUT MACS! :) Kirby and I have become completely converted. Love love love!